About Me

Hi! Iā€™m Danny - software engineer, musician, and HCI researcher. I'm a second-year PhD student in computer science at Virginia Tech, advised by Sang Won Lee. In broad strokes, I am interested in creative technologies (especially related to music), CS education, and software engineering in general. My current research threads involve: building a tool for non-programmers to do simple data analyses; and exploring how live coding musicians keep track of their programs over time.

I previously worked as a software engineer at Google for ~5 years, but decided to jump ship and head to academia. Before that, I did an M.Eng at MIT, where I TA-ed algorithms courses and worked on a playful application for collaborative musical composition . Before that, I was an undergrad at MIT, where I did a double major in computer science and music. During my time at MIT, I gave several piano recitals and chamber music performances.

If you'd like to contact me, shoot me an email at: danielmanesh [at] vt [dot] edu.